Monday, July 23, 2012

A picture from the early 40's

I had only seen one picture of me as a small child.  I was about 8 months old being held on a small pony.  When I saw a picture, my cousin sent me, when I was just months pass four years old I was shocked at how sad I looked and my sister looked equally as sad. I know we were born during a depression and now I feel like the depression was instilled into us as well.
I have spent the greater part of my life feeling unloved and this picture made me realize that the feelings I had for all of those years was baggage I had from my childhood.
I can't help but think that being parents, especially with a first child, is nothing more that an expensive testing ground for a lifetime of problems. There is a real need to have a simple book on the effects we have on our children from day one after their birth.
I saw a lady on Oprah that had identified the different cries a baby makes and what the cries means.  That CD should be as available as beer and cigarettes for every new mother.  The early years of a child's life is their "Golden Years", not when you are retired and the damage is done.
I just recently heard a mother screaming at her young children while sitting in a van.  I wanted to go over and tell her how much damage she was doing expecting a small child to act like an adult.
Just love and care for the little ones after all the are only babies...and expecting too much from a child Makes Me Nuts.

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