Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shades of Tan

Shades of Tan

Annette Bergman

Shouldn't we have some samples of make-up available to try so we can decide which shade looks the most natural on our skin, either in the privacy of our home or with a mirror on a sunny day outside, just in case the light in out bathroom isn't natural?

I know we have all seen the ladies who show up in public looking like they needed a second opinion on their make-up.

Have you ever gone to a discount store hoping to find some make-up that wasn't $1,000 to $1,800. a gallon?  Yes, that is what it sells for per gallon and we don't have the luxury of trying a small sample and some company is collecting so much money and not supplying a small sample for us to try first.

The sad part of it is I try to look at the different shades of tan and there are more than 50 shades of tan.

Then there are at least three to four other ladies right there in the make-up isle trying to discover if one of them will match their skin.  We're all in the same boat because there aren't any samples to try.

Of course, if you're out doors a lot in the summer you need a different shade of tan than in the winter when the sun goes south and all we get up north is a glow.

There we all stand first on one foot and then the other trying to select the right shade of tan, knowing once we purchase a bottle, tube of  some with a pump we can't return it.

It could be the lights in the store or it could be the shadows from the crowd around the make-up section, but regardless of exactly what the problem is, when I get home and apply the new make-up for the first time I always look like I've been embalmed.

I do believe that supplying small samples would probably up the sales of the first make-up company to have them available.  We could take several that were close to our shade of tan and try them in natural light and know for certain what shade to purchase.   I know I would stick to the same brand instead of spending all that time in a store trying to figure it out every few months.

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