Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life Lesson

Life Lessons


Annette Bergman

I attended a funeral last Wednesday morning and I couldn’t help but wonder when my time comes if I would leave the beautiful memories that this lady left.  Along with the memories she had her own art show at her funeral and one of her best painting had been copied and was on the front of the bulletin for her service.

Her service was among the best I had ever attended and the art work displayed was awesome.  From the drawing she did in her senior year I high school of three sewing projects she brought to life in the form of three well designed outfits. I thought she was a class act from the first minutes I met her.

We left the gathering in a hurry because a storm was on its way.  The storm started before we arrived home.  The wind blew and the rain came down by the buckets.  I had prayed for the rain so I wouldn’t have to water the garden.  So I was glad for the rain.

In no time our power was out and the corn in my garden was flat on the ground.  It was the first time I had planted corn and I delighted in watching it grow from the kitchen window.  It has stated to tassel and I could see corn silks on one small ear of corn.  Now, here it was laying flat on the ground.  There were too many stalks to try and stake them all back up.  So I gave up on the corn…just like I do on a lot of things.  I felt beat and I felt flat.

  I had lost a friend a couple of weeks back and I think the funeral, losing power to our house for over seven hours and my corn being the only visible evidence of my lost brought me to tears.  I had been suffering in silence over my friend leaving and the storm brought it all to a head.

Two days later the corn started to lift its self towards the sky.  It was as though a sun beam was holding on to each stalk and helping it to stand up straight again.

That was what I needed to see in order to understand that I needed to look up to God and know in my heart that one friend was in heaven and the other one chose to leave for a reason and God would look after my friend too.  I just pray I wasn't the reason.

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