Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Activity in the Garden


You wouldn’t think a small patch of ground not much larger than a 12 x 15 rug could have so much activity.  I can see the garden from my kitchen window and that is a blessing for me.

Early morning the rabbits are sniffing around, and I don’t think they like any of my crops as they are usually eating clover in the yard.  Yesterday morning I saw a squirrel headed toward the Magnolia tree with an ear of corn and was up there somewhere shucking it as I watched the corn husk raining down from the tree.  I had to smile. 
 My corn crop was amazing, if you are fascinated with miniature ears.  I picked eight ears and shucked them and all eight fit in a quart zip lock baggie. So I wasn’t offended that the squirrel was having his or her meal on my corn.  It was just their size.

Friday evening my friend from church brought me three grocery bags filled with corn that could have taken a blue ribbon at the state fair.  He said he had the best crop he had grown in years.  I had to show him my crop and I don’t think I have ever seen him smile so big and almost laughed out loud. 

So what is left in the garden will stay there until the squirrels have picked it clean.

I had blamed the corn shucking on what I thought was a Badger living under our shed.  I looked it up on the Internet and it looks like a Badger to me.

I was concerned for my neighbor’s dog so I told him about the Badger and he informed me it wasn’t a Badger it was a Groundhog and said he looked it up on the Internet and it had a den under his back porch and he was having animal control come out on Monday to trap it.

I didn’t think Groundhogs would run around a neighborhood like this animal is doing.  I went out the back door just in time to see it wedge itself under the fence. It has been in my garden, under my peach tree and along the south side of our house and hangs out in the yard like he owns the place.

I picked the last peach on the tree today and gave away some cucumbers, some of the cucumbers are bigger than the corn.  I have two more yellow squash about ready and some of the tomatoes I just wipe off on my shirt and pop them in my mouth; it saves on the humiliation of bringing them in the house.


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