Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Garden Report

My Garden Report


Annette Bergman


I picked and ate the first peach of the year from my peach tree.  Actually I split it with my husband for our breakfast and added another peach twice the size and split that too.  My husband’s comment was, “It’s not a cling free peach.  Didn’t you ask what kind it was before you bought it?”

“I guess not.”  I do have three more peaches on the tree so I’ll just eat them myself as they get ripe.  So the total harvest is four peaches this season, for a tree that cost $24.95.  I could have bought a bushel of peaches for $24.95.

My radishes crop was worse than that.  We have so much rain that they produced beautiful flowers, but zero radishes.

I counted twenty nine corn stalks I didn’t have the heart to count the ears.   I thought I had some prize corn until I drove to church one Sunday and saw what the farmer’s corn looked like.  They were at least twice as high and looked a lot healthier than mine.

The ears on mine aren’t as long as a dollar bill.  Some of the silks are turning brown and I’m not sure when I should try to pick them. Unless they start growing at a rapid rate I won’t have enough for a family cookout.

My yellow squash is looking like it is going to take over the east end of the garden and has small squash on the vines.

The green peppers have started blooming and half of the plants do look promising.

The zucchini really looks sick.  Not sure they are going to make it.

The cucumbers are blooming like crazy and if every bloom makes a cucumber I am going to have to give them away.  What can you do with so many cucumbers?

I planted beans twice and thought I saw one bean growing, but it never stood straight up.  So I must have been wrong about the bean.

I encouraged the volunteer tomatoes and I have all kinds from sickly looking to some that have tomatoes the size of my fist and they are still green as can be. I might fry some soon.

When it is all said and done I think I would have been better off taking the money I spent on seeds, plants, and weed preventer and just went to the Pizza Hut with a friend for lunch.  At least I would have enjoyed the Pizza Hut and I wouldn’t have as many mosquito bites.

I think I will give up gardening.

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